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Integrated management system (ISO 9001, 14001, 45001)

AAT Abwasser- und Abfalltechnik GmbH is globally active as an engineering office, plant manufacturer and component supplier of biogas plants resp. digester equipment. We are aware of our responsibility upon customers, enonomy and the society. The certified management system helps us with the implementation and let us act according to the following principles.

•    Success is not a constant and is subject to a continuous improvement process
•     We endeavour to observe the currently valid legal regulations with the main focus on safety at work and environment protection.


•    will be determined by the customer
•    production is an essential management function
•    is a matter of the whole staff
•    will be drafted, construed and produced, not tested
•    in our sense will be expected also from our suppliers
•    begins in the mind: the quality awareness of our staff will be supported through continuous education and training

Environmental protection
•    As a plant manufacturer of biogas plants we contribute to speed up the energy revolution and to become more independent from fossil fuels (crude oil respl. natural gas).
•    We always endeavour to reduce environmental impact with the best available and economically justificable technology.
•    In our office the staff performs waste separation and waste avoidance.
•    Our packing won’t be disposed but used again.
•    Our office is heated with a biomass heating.
•    We additionally reduce the energy costs with a 3-fold glazing of our facade.
•    Our fleet of cars consists exclusively of biogas operated cars.

Safety and health protection
•    All our workplaces are targeted on preventative protection of the health and safety of our staff.
•    Only qualified personnel will be used and ordered for the performance of our orders.
•    Periodic instructions and re-qualification
•    Conscious examination of the local situation regarding dangerous disease and activities.
•    The choice of the protection equipment is always state of the art.