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About AAT

Reliable solutions for commercial success. Since 1993.

If you want to treat organic waste or purify highly contaminated waste-water and gain energy at the same time, you need well-engineered solutions. AAT offers such solutions for the industry, municipalities and farming.

AAT handles over 150 different substrates. 130 large-scale facilities in 30 countries worldwide proves that. Documented 98% availability makes a clear statement. About 1,000 clients use AAT components and profit from our quarter of a century Know-how.

We consult in every subrange and offer everything from a single source. From the conception up to the start-up, from the well-engineered standard up to  the solid special solution. The highlight of our technology is the unique digester without agitator, which mixes the substrate optimally and works without any energy consumption and maintenance-free.

Experience teaches us to recommend flexible concepts. The market of biogas substrates is permanently changing. Anticipated planning secures a stable utilisation.

In order to stay a technology leader we work closely with research institutes. Our scientific partners are the Technical university Vienna (Austria) and the Department for agricultural biotechnology Tulln (Austria).

Awards like the „Energy Globe Austria 2006“ or the „USA Sustainable Plant of the Year 2013“ proves our way.