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Gravel filter

Maintenance friendly by easy removal of the filter material.

The AAT gravel filter are used zo seperate coarse substances as well as to collect and drain condensate.

In order to extend the maintenance cycle and the life of the consumer, the gas should be free of coarse particles. In order to ensure this, the gas flow through the filter from the top to the bottom and is cleaned by means of gravel or plastic packing. the arising condensate is removed by a siphon condensate sluice.

When the water level drops the gas is passed into the bypass pipe and into the environment. A gas leakage into the installation shaft or into the technic room is thus safely prevented. With increasing soiling of the filter mterial, the maintenance opening can be used to remove it from the front, to clean it and to fill it again from the top.



  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Pressure range: up to 100 mbar
  • Filter material: Gravel (grain size 30-60 mm) or plastic packing (PP)
  • Integrated condensate trap
  • Cleanable filter material
  • Quick release cover
  • Pressure indicator (U-tube pressure gauge)
  • Relief pipe to ensure the gas outlet


  • Optionally, an automatic condensate outlet can be installed especially for high pressures, a pressure transducer for gas inlet and outlet as well as a filling level indicator for water feed. A washer jet for the filter materials is available as an optional feature as well.