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optical controll ensured by clear vision.

The AAT view ports are used to look inside various tanks, digester and shafts in biogas plants.

By means of the view port, the contents, the fermentation, the function of the agitators and similar things can be controlled optically.

They are fittet directly to the celling, the outside wall and/or maintenance shaft. Sometimes they can be opened by quick-action locks and they have a protective cover.

A integrated washing nozzle (in case of non-opening view ports) and a wiper ensure that dirt caused by the content can be removable quickly.

Hich-quality materials are used and the glass as well as the frame are extremely resistant. Depending on equipement, different size are available.




  • Material: Stainless steel, aluminium,
  • Gas-tight (EPDM seal)
  • Integrated washing nozzle
  • Integrated wipers
  • Protective cover