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Longevity ensured by high-quality materials.

Type FA 600, flow rate: 600 m³/h

AAT flares of type FA 50-1800 are used for the combustion of bio-, sewage- or landfill gas. We also supply flares for the combustion of hydrogen.

The flares are made completely of stainless steel which makes them robust to weather influences and heat.

The partially covered combustion protects the flames against wind and prevents failure.

In order to ensure simple handling and a high degree of safety, the AAT flare systems have been fitted with a fully automatic ignition and a flame monitoring system.

High-quality and certified components as well as a fully developed control ensure high security and little susceptibility to interference.

AAT flare systems are turn-key solutions and include mounting material. It can be mounted and commissioned by local specialists.

Type FA 250, flow rate: 250 m³/h


  • Flow rate: 50-1.800 m³/h
  • Material: Stainless steel 1.440X (SS316)
  • Gas pressure > 25 mbar
  • Condensate outlet by ball valve
  • Manual valve
  • Motor valve
  • ATEX flame arrester
  • Automatic ignition equipment
  • Temperature measurement by means of thermal element
  • Combustion temperature: approx. 900°C
  • Anchoring device
  • Automatic, manual and semi-automatic control
  • Sound pressure level: 65 db (A) at 10 m


Upon request, the flares can be supplied with a frost and / of weather protection as well as in an insulated or higher temperature version (combustion 1100°C). Flares can be supplied also with total covered combustion.