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Activated carbon filter

Maximum filter retention time, simple and fast change of the filter material.

The AAT Activated carbon filter removes disturbing matter like e.g. hydrogen sulfide and siloxane out of biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas.

The models are either made as flat absorber or packed bed adsorber. The filter can be installed with a low efforts between the digester and the gas consumer. They are maintenance-free and user-friendly. A high retention time can be achieved through using a special treated activated carbon.

Depending on the contaminationof the gas with sulphur or siloxane the pollutant concentration can be eliminated up to the detection limit. Through this the efficienty of the plant will be increased and the maintenance costs of the consumer will be considerably reduced.

The activated carbon can be filled in from the top and discharged on the bottom by using Big Bags.

Operations data:

  • Material: 1.440x or plastic
  • Gas quantity: 50- 1.600 Nm³/h
  • Input temperature: 10-38 °C
  • max. operation temperature:up to approx. 50 °C
  • operations pressure: up to max. 300 mbar
  • High retention time through special treated activated carbon
  • Location: indoor and outdoor installation
  • Gas tight bulk material gate valve for discharge


Galvanised workink platform with ladder and railing, Insulation: stream diffusion resistant coatet with aluminium plates, suitable for outdoor installation, condensate water protectet, Insulation at the openings removable