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AAT research project

Energy recovery from industrial wastewater

Project data:
- Commissioning: 2023
- Substrates: flotate sludge, membrane retentate and slaughterhouse waste
- Daily wastewater intake: 4 m³
- Daily gas production: 6.6 m³
This pilot plant was specially developed and built for an industrial operation to take wastewater treatment to a new level.
The pilot plant at a glance:
- Two containerised plants
- A 20-foot container houses the control system, the buffer tank, the pump technology, the gas technology and the centrepiece of the plant, a hydraulic digester with a capacity of 2.8 m³.
- A 10-foot container serves as a gas storage.
The energy utilisation of industrial wastewater is not only an important step towards sustainability and environmental protection, but offers also valuable perception for the future of wastewater treatment.