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Waste water treatment plant in Nemetin

The waste water treatment plant in Nemetin, Croatia has been expanded

AAT designed and delivered the gas line consisting of: gravel filter, gas cooling, gas warming, active carbon filter for the reduction of siloxanes and hydrogen sulphides as well as pressure boosters, a double-membrane-gas storage the emergency flare and agitators. This increases the service life of the CHP units for power generation and the operation reliability of the plant.

Design data:
- Gas cooling and warming
Quantity: 200 Nm³/h
- Active carbon filter:
Quantity: 2x 200 Nm³/h
Gas purification of the hydrogen sulphides to < 5 ppm H2S and siloxanes to < 2,0 mg/m³

- Double membrane gas storage:
Nominal volume: 1.530 m³

- Gas emergency flare:
Quantity: max. 250 m³/h