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Microbiological desulphurisation

Development of the most innovative AAT-desulphurisation plant

The biogas plant of our customer treats around 400 t/d of municipal solid waste from the greater Alanya area in Turkey. AAT was involved for the engineering of the biogas line, including the desulphurisation plant.
The content of hydrogen sulphide (H2S concentration) in the biogas must be reduced to minimize maintenance costs at the downstream installations like blowers and CHP units. Bacteria convert hydrogen sulphide to elemental sulphur and sulphate in a biochemical process.
Technical data for the microbiological desulphurisation plant:
- 2 tanks (trickle bed reactors)
- 1500 Nm³/h of biogas flow per tank
- 2500 ppm H2S concentration in the raw biogas
- <300 ppm H2S concentration in the cleaned biogas

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