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Package plant digestion

Digester with integrated gas storage.

The AAT package plant digestion combinies the sludge digestion and the gas storage in a simple and maintenance-free system.

The installed inclined agitator in the digester is used for the gentle agitation of the primary sludge and grants a full mixing of the digester volume as well as a continuous degasing of the digestion substrate.Through the frequency converter-operation the agitating intensity can be adjusted optimal to the required conditions and the energy consumption will be reduced to a minimum.

The AAT-dry gas storrage is located above the digester, a system that is used sucsessfully since 1993.


  • Easy operation and maintenance of the agitator (no access in the digester or opening of the gas hood required.
  • Optimal mixing of the fresh substrate into the active biomass.
  • Prevention of generation of sediment layer and floating matter.
  • Continuous discharg4e of non-degradable matters over the sediment conduit.
  • Systematoc ontervention possibilities with changing process conditions e.g. with development of foam.
  • Low investment costs.
  • Long life duration through gentle operation.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs (as no mechanical parts inside)
  • Possibility of performance as a Low-pressure gas storage.