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Gas line Lublin, Poland

Biogas treatment was expanded at the wastewater treatment plant in Lublin, Poland. AAT planned and supplied biological desulphurisation units, gas cooler, gas heater and activated carbon filters for the reduction of siloxanes and hydrogen sulphide. This increases the service life of the CHP units for power production and operational reliability of the plant.
Design data:
- Biological desulphurisation units:
Gas flow 2x 830 m³/h
Gas cleaning of hydrogen sulphide from 3000 ppm H2S to < 50 ppm H2S
- Gas cooler and gas heater:
Gas flow 1660 m³/h
- Activated carbon filters:
Gas flow 2x 840 m³/h
Gas cleaning of hydrogen sulphide to < 5 ppm H2S and siloxanes to < 2,0 mg/m³