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Biogas plant in Tochigi (Japan)

Electricity and heat from cattle manure


In Japan, in the prefecture of Tochigi, a new AAT biogas plant was put into operation. The project was realised in cooperation with ENBC. The operator of the plant is Morinaga Milk Industry, which produces 616 Nm³ of biogas per day from cattle manure. When planning the plant, particular attention was paid to implementing a circular economy. The resulting digestate is dewatered and the solid fraction is used as bedding for the stables after drying. The separated liquid fraction passes through a downstream full treatment process to produce clear water.
Technical data for the plant:
- 1 digester with total volume of 1,100 m³ ( Ø 15m x 7.25 m)
- Biogas production: 616 Nm³/d
- Digestate for use as fertilizer: 29 to/d
- Capacity generation electrical energy: 54 kW
- Energy generated: 471 MWh/a
- Capacity generation thermal energy: 71 kW
- Thermal energy generated: 619 MWh/a