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CO2 Liquefaction

Pioneering project in Switzerland

With Recycling Energie AG we have already successfully implemented the largest biogas plant in Switzerland. Now a CO2 liquefaction plant was built as an expansion to the biogas plant, operated by CO2 Energie AG, which was founded specifically for this purpose.
Biogas produced from organic waste is used for electricity and heat production by CHP units and is upgraded to biomethane. The biomethane is fed into the natural gas grid, the CO2 was previously released into the atmosphere. The new plant uses a cryogenic process to liquefy gaseous CO2, making it available in liquid form for storage and transportation. The food-grade liquid CO2 will be used in food production, the construction sector, greenhouses and silo fumigation in the animal feed sector and replaces the fossil-based CO2 currently used.
The construction of the first plant of this kind in Europe is an important milestone on the way to decarbonizing the energy system. Marketing the liquid CO2 as a product from the biogas plant is an interesting aspect for plant operators in terms of economic efficiency and sustainability.

Project data:
- Capacity: 500 kg/h liquid CO2
- Production: roughly 4.000 t/a liquid CO2
- Pressure: 18 bar
- Temperature: - 24°C
- Modular container design
- 2x 12m high storage tanks