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AAT BIOGAS Technology

Reliable Technology for commercial success

AAT offers plant design, process technology and equipment for processing of organic waste and purification of highly contaminated waste water with simultaneous energy production. 


Biogas treatment was expanded at the wastewater treatment plant in Lublin, Poland. AAT planned and supplied biological desulphurisation units, gas...

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Development of the most innovative AAT-desulphurisation plant

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Official Opening of our 5.5 MW biogas plant in the Ukraine

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Four-stage vacuum evaporator

At our customer Jakob Bösch AG in Switzerland a digestate evaporation system was integrated into the existing biogas...

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Company services

AAT builds biogas plants for kitchen waste, whey, sugar beets, POME, organic waste, MSW, slope, potatoes, municipal sludge, brewer grains, melasse, presscake, olives, FOG, bread and a lot of other substrates.

We deliver everything from one source. From design, supply of plant components, assembly, start up, biological support to after sales service. Our speciality is the unique hydraulic mixing digester.

Our core business is the treatment of industrial and municipal sludge, biowaste, agriculture feedstock and energy crops.



AAT Abwasser-und Abfalltechnik GmbH has realized a lot of successful biogas plants.  Here you can find a selection of our profitable Waste to Energy plants, Sludge Digesters, Whey treatment plants or Energy Crop plants.

We will be happy to provide you with further references and detailed information about our projects on request.

We are members of the following organisations: