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Energy Globe Austria overall winning project Berglandmilch Wels

Awarded for the biogas plant for whey digestion designed and equipped by AAT

Clean energy from whey.

The biogas plant of Berglandmilch in Wels produces power for 1.500 households and enough heat to cover a third of their internal demand - a novel and unique project in Europe:
The energy is gained from whey generated as waste from the cheddar cheese produktion. Up to now Berglandmilch disposed 50.000 tons (more than 1.500 truck loads) - the whey has been used as pig fodder.

The plant will amortize within only four to five years despite the investement costs of 2 million Euro because: Berglandmilch saves on whey disposal costs, produces 2/3 of their own heating demand and for the next 13 years they sell the electric power to the public grid for a favourable green power tariff.
The environment benefits from a reducion of CO2 emmissions from fossile fuel on the amount of 2.000 tons annually.
Also surrounding farmers benefit by recieving a high quality fertilizer generated in the whey fermentation process.