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Official Opening of our 5.5 MW biogas plant in the Ukraine

With a sunny opening ceremony on 14.08.2020 the biogas plant was opened by our customer I&U Group. AAT planned and built the plant and was on site at the official opening alongside numerous prominent guests from the Ukraine. We can proudly present the 5.5 MW plant with four hydraulic fermenters. From now on, electricity and heat will be generated for the Kirovohrad region and the National Action Plan for the expansion of renewable energies in Ukraine will be implemented.

The plant will be performed with the hydraulic mixing AAT digesters which have many advantages like energy efficiency, operation security and availability. The digester do not require any agitators and thus there will be no energy or maintenance costs. The unique AAT hydraulic digester will be used worldwide for 25 years.
The purchaser is one of the largest agricultural corporation of the country.

The construction started in September 2018. By the middle of 2020 the first power will be fed into the Ukrainian power grid.
During the last years the Ukraine have been aimed to reduce their energy dependency from abroad. A biogas plant utilize local residue, created regional employment and saves enormous quantity on chemical fertilizer in the agriculture.
Biogas as a renewable energy source has technological, ecological and economical advantages.
Energy can be produced 365 days per year at any day or night time. Therefore based on its availability biogas plays an important role in the mixture of renewable energy of water, sun and wind. Beside the contribution for reaching the climate protection goals the dependency from energy imports can be reduced essentially. Through the decentral energy production furthermore a sustainable local added value is granted.

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